How contactless works

Contactless is a method of payment, just like swiping or inserting a credit or debit card. The customer simply holds their card up to a contactless enabled terminal to complete a transaction – which processes the payment in seconds.

See below how easy this payment method is for any transaction.

Under $80 vs. Over $80

It is a common myth that contactless payments can only be used for purchases under $80. Customers can use contactless payments for any amount. Purchases under $80 customers can tap and go, and over $80 requires the customer to tap and PIN. Contactless is not just for small transactions, it is just the way of presenting the card at the terminal.

Contactless payments: Busting the myths

There are a number of commonly held myths about contactless payments. We asked a bunch of Kiwi business owners about their experiences to bust through some myths about contactless payments. Find out the reality around how many people use contactless payments, what it can be used for and the real cost of cash.