Mastercard Newsroom: Widespread Adoption of Contactless Payments in New Zealand – 8 May 2018
Contactless payments are gaining widespread adoption in New Zealand, with almost three quarters of Kiwis using Tap & Go, according to Mastercard research (73%).

The Spinoff: Tap that: why we love contactless debit cards – 16 March 2018
New Zealand’s new unofficial flag isn’t Laser Kiwi, it’s the increasingly ingenious way our retailers give us the news that hurts – no Paywave. Rebecca Stevenson investigates the unrelenting demand for tap and go payments.

Mastercard Newsroom: Retailers Encouraged To Switch On Ahead Of The Christmas Rush – 7 November 2017
As the busiest time of year for retail approaches, retailers are encouraged to switch on to contactless technology to meet the significant demand from shoppers using Tap and Go around the Christmas period. The number of contactless transactions has been steadily increasing in 2017 as more consumers and retailers adopt the technology, with past trends predicting a spike in December, according to Mastercard contactless transaction data.

Stuff: Contactless payments a boost for business – 18 September 2017
Fish and chips is the ultimate Kiwi takeaway, and as general manager of The Chippery in Wellington, Richard Samways knows exactly how his customers like it. They like it hot, they like it crispy, and just as importantly, they like it fast. Which is why when Samways started to notice that should-I-stay-or-should-I-go look in his customers' eyes when they walked in the door and saw a long queue, he knew he had to do something to keep them happy. Offering contactless payments as an option at the counter has bought significant benefits.

Mastercard Newsroom: Industries Challenged to Switch On to Consumer Trends – 6 September 2017
Half of New Zealand businesses are falling behind as more consumers and businesses Switch On to contactless payments. Mastercard research found over 50% of bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants accept contactless payments, but half of Kiwi businesses are lagging in acceptance. “It’s great that half of Kiwi businesses understand the benefits they can get from accepting contactless payments and have turned the technology on. The Switch On campaign aims to provide information to those retailers who have not yet enabled the technology, perhaps because they have misconceptions about how it works or think their customers don’t want it.”

Stuff: No cash for two-thirds of Kiwis – 4 September 2017
Technology is changing every area of our lives, right down to what we choose to carry around with us each day in our wallets. Thanks to online streaming, membership cards for video stores are long gone, and many of our customer loyalty cards have been replaced by smartphone apps. But most significantly, more than two-thirds of New Zealanders no longer carry cash in their wallets.

Scoop: Mastercard Makes Post-Workout Shopping A Breeze For Fitbit Users – 29 August 2017
Fitbit’s first smartwatch, Fitbit Ionic, now has contactless payments. Health and fitness enthusiasts will be able to add their eligible cards to their fitness smartwatch and pay by simply tapping their device near a contactless terminal at more than 6.6 million merchant locations globally. Consumers today are expecting technology to help them accomplish life’s daily tasks with as few steps or clicks as possible. By adding payment capabilities to a Fitbit device, Mastercard cardholders who are already on-the-go can easily buy what they need without having to bring their wallet with them.

Stuff: The future of payment is contactless – 21 August 2017
It goes without saying that one of the keys to running a successful business is listening to what your customers want, then catering to their needs. Luckily, Kiwi consumers like to be heard, and they're sending a very clear message about how they want to pay for their purchases. A significant 72 per cent of New Zealanders are using contactless technology, making them the highest users in the world.

Stuff: Top 6 contactless payment myths debunked – 7 August 2017
Two well-documented traits about the average Kiwi consumer are they love using technology, and hate waiting in line. So it's not surprising that close to three-quarters of New Zealanders use contactless payment when they can. Simply tapping their card is quick, convenient, and cuts down on time spent in dreaded queues at the counter. But common misconceptions are seeing some businesses reluctant to activate their payment terminals, which means they are missing out on a raft of benefits.

Scoop: Kiwis ditch cash as digital payments increase – 3 May 2017
Over two-thirds of New Zealanders have admitted they do not carry cash as digital payment methods increase in popularity, according to new research from Mastercard. An annual Mastercard survey of over 1000 New Zealanders found cards are increasingly popular as a preferred payment method, with more than 90% choosing cards as their main payment method. New Zealanders are embracing ways to pay that are fast, convenient and secure. Acceptance of card payments, and increasingly contactless payments, means New Zealanders are less reliant on cash for everyday transactions. Peter Chisnall: Playing your cards right – 26 March 2017
New Zealanders really like paying by card. Roughly four in five payments made for goods or services in New Zealand are made with credit, debit and pre-paid cards. According to the OECD, New Zealand has the lowest level of cash in circulation among the 35 member countries. With payment technologies advancing rapidly, New Zealanders are embracing new offerings like Tap & Go and mobile wallets. The ease, choice and convenience of shopping online are also driving the overall trend away from cash.