Business Success Stories

We’ve spoken to a range of Kiwi businesses about how contactless payments are helping them day-to-day in providing great customer service, convenience and innovation. Watch the videos and hear how contactless payment technology is making a difference to the way they do business.

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Sushi Bi

Sushi Bi is Wellington's iconic sushi restaurant, with three locations across the CBD popular at lunchtime for a quick, takeaway bite. The sushi is crafted with the freshest produce and prepared daily, and Sushi Bi is well known for its lines wrapping down the street. Having contactless payments ensures the queue moves quickly, and more people can be served in the busy periods. Just like customers expect sushi to be made fast and fresh, contactless ensures they also get their sushi quickly.

Thrill Zone

Thrill Zone is located in the heart of Queenstown, providing fun, adrenaline fuelled experiences, with indoor activities like 360 virtual reality, 12D Vortex Motion Theatre, lasertag and indoor paintball. With loads of families, tourists, and local visitors, contactless was a no brainer for Thrill Zone to switch on from the beginning. Contactless payments mean Thrill Zone is a world class tourism destination, with its queues processed faster and visitors having more fun.

The Botanist, Auckland

The Botanist is a café, bar and florist in Auckland city – which also hosts a pop-up restaurant by night. 15 minutes from Britomart, The Botanist attracts a large range of customers including business people having corporate meetings, people grabbing food or a juice after the gym, or friends socialising after work. Jacob Mathews, Manager and Part Owner, says Tap & Go helps relieve the stress on staff and customers to make sure queues move fast and payments are nice and easy.

Dr Rudi’s Rooftop Brewing Co.

Perched on the second level of Auckland’s Viaduct – Dr Rudi’s is a modern and thriving destination which boasts two 10-pin bowling lanes, a microbrewery, restaurant and bar. Dr Rudi’s has a lot of customers, so the speed of transactions is critical for their business. Contactless payments allow customers to simply tap and go or tap and PIN, whether it’s an early morning coffee for $4 or paying off a bar tab at the end of the night.

The Chippery

For a busy fish and chip shop in Wellington, The Chippery couldn’t afford to slow down during peak times. Richard Samways, General Manager of The Chippery, talks about how Switching On to contactless payments has helped speed up their out-the-door queues to stop customers being put off by long lines.

Bakers Delight

Bakers Delight is a franchise with the Milford branch providing fresh bread and baked goods to a variety of customers, from the elderly to university students. The Bakers Delight Milford branch was encouraged to Switch On contactless payments when its customers were always asking if the technology was available. Contactless payments allow the staff more time to communicate with the customer, which generates a better atmosphere and interaction.

Little Bird Organics and The Unbakery

Little Bird Organics and The Unbakery, plant-based, whole-foods cafés based in Auckland, cater to all types of customers and offers raw, organic “unbaked” goods. Meeting their customers’ needs also expands to payment options, and since introducing contactless payments at the beginning of this year, they’ve found over 80% of their customers are choosing to use contactless technology. The speed and ease is helping improve efficiencies for Little Bird Organics and The Unbakery.

Pita Pit

Pita Pit is a fast-casual restaurant that serves a range of wraps and salads, offering healthier alternatives. Founded 10 years ago, Pita Pit now has 112 stores throughout New Zealand. The majority of stores have contactless payments, and Pita Pit say that the 3-4 seconds per transaction saved in a line of 15 people can save up to four minutes in the lunch rush. The speed of service helps Pita Pit enhance customer experiences.

Seven Mart

Seven Mart is a busy convenience store in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter, receiving a consistent stream of customers throughout the day. Seven Mart switched on contactless payments late 2016 following demand from their customers. Contactless payments allow Seven Mart to process transactions faster, meet customer needs, and be a more convenient convenience store. Owner Farid Rahabneh discusses the benefits of switching on for his business.

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