Coffee on the run

Customers are getting their caffeine fix in record time by literally ‘tapping and going’ at Bean n Gone.

Steve Wood and Jane McKenzie own Bean n Gone, a drive-through coffee business with seven locations around Auckland and the upper North Island.

From 6am and with engines running, cars start lining up outside the distinctive lime-green Bean n Gone espresso bars, customers ready for their coffee fix. Fashioned from converted containers and perfectly sited to allow customers to stay in their cars and enjoy their espressos delivered to their window, Bean n Gone serves Altura coffee prepared by professional baristas. Drive-through coffee is a concept increasing in popularity for its convenience, especially as no carpark is required.

“We serve every type of coffee to hundreds of people at each site every day,” says Steve. “Everyone from tradies in vans, mums on the school run with kids in the car, teachers buying coffees for their colleagues, truck drivers and people who are simply on their way to work drive through our bars. Saturday morning is also really busy with people going to sport.”

In early 2015, Steve introduced contactless payment technology into the business. Most of Bean n Gone’s transactions are under $80 and with the morning coffee rush, contactless payments have reduced the number of cars lining up and therefore waiting times. 

“We were giving the technology serious thought and at the same time our customers started asking for it. We figured having contactless payment capability would speed things up and it has – it’s much quicker. People literally drive up to the window and ‘tap and go’."

Steve says a “huge percentage” of Bean n Gone customers use contactless card payments and that number is growing.

“People need their coffee urgently and ‘tap and go’ means we can get through more customers more efficiently. We get more sales and people get their coffee quicker.  It’s a win-win.”


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