Contactless cards a game changer – Action Indoor Sports

Contactless payment technology has been a game changer at Action Indoor Sports allowing players to tap and go and get out on the court in record time.

Action Indoor Sports on Dominion Road offers social and competitive indoor football, cricket and netball leagues. It’s a seven-day operation catering to sports players in the evenings and children’s ‘Inflatable World’ parties as well as sports at the weekends.

During its busy periods staff need to process more than 60 transactions in a ten-minute window.

“95 percent of our business is conducted at night when around 600 people come through our doors,” says Warwick Simmons, Director of Action Indoor Sports Dominion Road.

“We have a minimum of two people always manning our contactless payment machines. Ten minutes before each scheduled game we’ll have say 64 people coming at us to pay before they play.  After each round of matches are concluded the teams will come off the court and quite often a majority will come up to the bar for a after match drink. So, ten minutes before a game and ten minutes after a game we are challenged to provide a smooth as possible service for our customers.”

“Switching On contactless technology has made it much more efficient for us to manage the volume of transactions we have to deal with in such short periods. It is a seamless transaction for the customer as well, because they don’t want to be delayed in running on to the court.”

“With contactless there’s no change, no opening the till, and no delay. They’re gone in under ten seconds.”

Warwick knows that it’s important to keep up with new trends. He switched on contactless payments as soon as it became available, he knew this was what his customers would demand and that this system would also improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

For Action Indoor Sports, contactless payments have many benefits for the business, including significantly reducing the amount of money needed in the float and making settling up a lot easier at the end of each night.


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