Contactless technology connect with customers - Cookie Bar 

Cookie lovers are flocking to the Cookie Bar in Queenstown where contactless payments are helping staff focus on the fun stuff – cookies!

New Zealand’s first Cookie Bar, the retail arm of Cookie Time, has been operating in Queenstown for 8 years. It sells fresh hot cookies, Freak shakes, ice creams, No Bake cookie dough, packaged goods and merchandise.

Cookie Bar’s Retail Manager Lisa Petrowski says the store aims to provide a fun experience. “We’re an energetic little store that takes you away from your day to day life. We play fun music, customers can have a go at karaoke or get their picture taken in a mini.”

A mix of locals, tourists and backpackers stream into the store between 8am and 10pm, seven days a week.

“We always have people waiting outside when we open at 8am for our $1 coffee happy hour. It’s quite a large queue first thing, so our customers’ ability to tap and go has definitely sped this up.”

“We’re always on our toes, serving customers, baking another round of cookies, topping up our ice cream and cookie dough. In winter people line up all day for our hot chocolate and hot cookies. There’s always lots happening so switching on has really helped by making our transactions smoother and faster.”

The Cookie Bar team prides itself on providing outstanding customer service to the hundreds of customers who visit the store each day. “We like to have lots of customer contact. We love to chat to people about our products and their day. Contactless technology makes processing transactions nice and easy, letting us focus on our customers.”

Cookie Bar switched on to contactless payments over two-years ago and Lisa says more than half her customers use it.


Switch on by contacting your bank. 

Cookie Bar’s Retail Manager Lisa Petrowski