Early adopter - Point Wells General Store

Rebecca Lane has owned the Point Wells General Store for three months and installed contactless card technology the day the doors opened.

The Point Wells General Store north of Auckland serves the thousand or so residents in Point Wells and neighbouring Omaha. The Store is a combination of a superette and general supply shop, and is the area’s only takeaway bar, selling fish and chips, burgers and Rebecca’s speciality, fish tacos.

Between 60 and 100 customers, mainly locals, go through the Store’s doors every day.  There’s a pattern to the day, as Rebecca explains.

“There’s a rush around 10am for morning tea and then another rush around lunchtime.  From 4pm it’s mainly takeaways, with people coming to get our famous fresh Leigh snapper and my fish tacos.”

When Rebecca took over the business in April 2017, contactless card technology wasn’t enabled on her terminals, so she introduced it on her first day of trading. It’s a decision she says she didn’t think twice about.

“I knew I had to offer a contactless payment facility. In such a small town, it’s important to make your business as attractive as possible and I knew having ‘tap and go’ would appeal to many people. My customers tell me how convenient it is and that they like it.”

Most of the Store’s purchases are under $80 and around a third of Rebecca’s customers use contactless technology. “It’s quicker for customers and it’s quicker for me.  I can get more customers through my business and there’s less waiting.  Having contactless capability relieves the pressure, especially at busy times when I’m the only one in the store,” she says.

Rebecca’s plans for the General Store include stocking fresh, local meat and dinner supplies that people can buy on their way home. By expanding her offering, she is hoping to also expand her customers’ spend. For those who spend more than $80, she’ll also be able to keep them moving by encouraging them to ‘tap and PIN’ using contactless.

“This was never about cost – that didn’t come into the equation for me.  For my business, having contactless technology is a must have. My customers want it and those who use it, love it.”


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