Switching on to healthy food - The LAB

Wellingtonians are embracing Bobby Ker’s delicious and nutritious food, and switching on contactless technology is helping his business grow.

Bobby founded The LAB with his cousin after noticing a gap in the market for tasty and healthy food. The Victoria University café took off, and they’ve recently expanded, opening a second store in popular Wellington lunch spot, Press Hall.

The LAB specialises in what they call a flux creation which is a range of different salad bowls that changes according to season. They also make their own cold pressed juices, which retain the nutrients of the fresh fruit and vegetables they use. The LAB also has a selection of smoothies, salads and sandwiches – which incorporate a healthy dose of superfoods.

And the customers love it.

“At the university it’s pretty much crazy from the get go. It’s pretty insane really from once we open the door until when we close,” says Bobby. “At Press Hall we get very busy at lunch time, so we try to get our foods out as quickly as possible. That’s why we use tap and go for our payments, it helps us serve people at a very fast pace.”

“We try to keep the lines moving as fast as possible. So contactless has helped us. I really like the ease of it – it’s so convenient. Most of our sales are under $10, so no pin is needed, and our customers can just tap and go.”

Contactless technology has prevented his customers from going hungry. “Sometimes people will forget their wallet, but they always have their mobile phones – so they can easily use their mobile phone to make a payment.

Bobby says the LAB switched on contactless technology as soon as it became available and he’s noticed a growing number of customers are using it. He says that it’s becoming a societal norm, and customers are confident their transactions are safe and secure.


Switch on by contacting your bank. 


Bobby Ker, founder of The Lab