Tap and go boosts rush hour sales - Dumpling Box

When Dumpling Box Manager Kate Chatsunthornwong set up her Commerce Street franchise in June last year she knew contactless technology was going to help her business succeed.

Kate had the technology switched on from the start because she knew it was the quickest and most convenient payment solution for her business and because she knew the ability to ‘tap and go’ would make things much easier for her customers.

“Lunch is our busiest time, with rush hour between 12.30 and 2.30pm - so the faster we can process our transactions the more customers we can serve our dumplings, bao buns and crepes.”

“When people come in for lunch they don’t have time to wait in line. If everybody uses contactless the process is much faster and the queue goes down a lot quicker.”

Most Dumpling Box customers are office workers who work in the buildings nearby and they can be in a hurry. Other customers include students, tourists, travellers and people who pop in to grab a quick snack while waiting for their buses.

About 75 percent of Dumpling Box customers use contactless technology for their purchases. With most purchases under $20, customers can use their mobile or card and just tap and go.

“Often customers ask if we offer tap and go technology before they order so we definitely get more sales because we offer this choice,” says Kate.

When Dumpling Box sets up off site for events like the popular Night Noodle Market, the contactless technology comes too, helping ensure its reputation for delicious food and fast service.

“We got contactless technology straight from the start because we figured out it would be easier for us as well as for our customers, and we’re really happy we did!”


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Dumpling Box Manager Kate Chatsunthornwong

Dumpling Box Manager Kate Chatsunthornwong